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Our soap is made with our own fresh goats milk. Our goats milk soap leaves your skin feeling soft and clean without leaving a residue like commercially made soaps. Each bar contains Fresh Goats milk, and contains nourshing oils.  

Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, & Olive Oil. in each 5 oz bar.

Our goats milk soaps and Body butters make great gifts for any occasion.

Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Wedding Favors, Birthdays, Anniversary.​ Custom gift baskets available upon request.

Discounts for 30 bars or more message me for pricing.

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Reasons to Love Our Goats Milk Soap 
  • Helps remove dead skin cells

  • Cleanses Gently yet Deeply

  • Multi-purpose product. 

  • Body Wash, Face wash,Shaving Cream.

  • Known to Reduce Eczema, Rosacea, & Psoriasis

  • Anti Inflammatory

  • Rich Foamy Lather

  • Naturally high in essential fatty acids 

  •   Loaded with Vitamins &   minerals

  • No Harmful Chemicals

  • Leaves No Residue, Leaving you squeaky clean.


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If you asked us when we bought our home in 2015 that we would be raising dairy goats I would have never imagined what it would be like. I grew up about 40 minutes outside the suburbs of Philadelphia. & have always been a lover of animals. My husband and I jumped into goat life not knowing a lot about how to care for them. We now have 11 beautiful registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats & 7 Oberhalsi. I have been making Handmade Goats milk soap for 2 years now and We also make goat cheese a bit as well just not able to sell it as of yet We are about 90 % complete with starting a creamery so we are able to sell our delicious milk & cheeses. We Hope to be up & running by late spring early summer 2021. Our favorite time of year is when the does have their kids which are sold when they are weaned at 12 weeks or retained if we choose to keep 1 or 2 LOL!  It's a busy but rewarding life and we wouldn't trade it for anything. My husband comes from a background in dairy and is very knowledgeable, hardworking & talented in many aspects of farming. He has made all this possible and continues to always come up with new ideas and  easier ways of caring for the animals.

 We are excited to see where this journey will take us in the future. We currently sell our soap at Arnold's Farm Market in Hellertown Pa  Bergey's Deli in Wassergass Pa, Bechdolt Orchard in Hellertown, Pa. Traugers Farmers Market in Kintnersville  & Pennsylvania Traditions in Skippack, Pa. We also sell at  local farmers markets  Spring through fall, Online from our website & & from our farm. Thank you for visiting our page. & appreciate your support.

Thank you,

Beata & Ty Johnson




You can find our soap at Arnold's Farmers located at 1776 Friedensville Road.

Or schedule a pick up at our farm located at 4000 Sherry Hill Road Hellertown, PA.

Please call or message to arrange pickup or delivery.

  • Old Well Farm Facebook | Beata & Ty Owners- (610) 551-9049