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Now accepting Deposits for 2022 Goat Kids 


Goat Babies are Here!


We will have Nigerian Dwarfs and Oberhasli kids available. All our goat kids are mostly bottle raised. We take pride in providing the best life for our goats and their kids. Our priority is to find them loving homes with families that are able to provide for them. We will NOT sell 1 kid if you do not currently own goats. Goats are herd animals that need to be with others and that speak their language. Please do the proper research into caring for goats prior to making a decision of whether or not it is right for you. They are a big commitment. We will do our best to help guide you with this decision as much as possible.

Happy Goating!!! 

Beata & Ty Johnson 



We require a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit per goat. There are a great deal of expenses and care that goes into insuring they are healthy before going to their new homes. We will not sell our babies to just anyone, we want to ensure they will be properly cared for at their new homes.

If you are new to goat ownership, please tell us about yourself and why you are considering goats?

If you have an established herd, please let us know if you have a website or social media page? A goat will not be considered sold until an agreement has been reached and a deposit has been received. 

Why are you buying goats? What do you plan on doing with them? Are they pets? This helps us help you. Do you have a year-round reliable source of good quality hay?

Goats eat a lot of hay or roughage, and it needs to be available 24/7/365.

Do you have a large animal veterinarian available? Do they treat Goats? Goats need protection from all the weather elements and predators, do you have a proper shelter?

Do you have strong reliable fencing? Goats are very nosy and curious and will try to find a way out, so it must be secure. 48" sheep /goat fence works great. Or no climb 2" x 4" horse fence. 

Do you live in an area where goats may not be permitted by local zoning laws?


            Sellers Responsibilities

A 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required per goat. This is a first come first serve basis. This must be received to get on the waiting list.

Goats kids will be disbudded and given their CD&T Vaccines prior to leaving the farm. The minimum age to leave the farm is 12 weeks unless approved otherwise. If you prefer a registered goat with ADGA

American Dairy Goat Association please let us know so the proper paperwork can be prepared in advance.

Please specify if you prefer a Doeling, Buckling or wether. Wethers will be banded at 10 weeks. We test yearly for CAE & Johnes disease. We will ensure the animal is in good health prior to leaving the farm. Once the goat leaves it is now YOUR responsibility. There are no guarantees on any animal once it leaves the farm.

We accept PayPal, Venmo or credit card. No checks will be accepted. Balance due upon pickup in cash only.  Any and all pickup arrangements are the responsibility of the buyer. If you do not come to pick up your animal on the scheduled day, we will assume you no longer want the animal and will be sold to another home. Remember the deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE! Please complete the below questionnaire and submit to start the approval process. 


           Registered Nigerian Dwarf Doelings-$400  

           Registered Oberhasli Doelings- $475

           Non-Registered Nigerian Dwarf Doelings- $350

           Non Registered Oberhasli Doelings $425

           Registered Nigerian Dwarf  Bucklings $350

           Registered Oberhasli Bucks $500

           Nigerian wethers- $250

           Oberhasli wethers for pets/meat - $400 

Baby Goat Questionnaire

Thanks for submitting!

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